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PSN Deals: 140 PS4, PS3, PSVR, PS Vita Games Discounted, PS Plus Members Get Double Discount (UK/EU)

It’s that time of the week again, ladies and gents, so get your digital wallets ready for a pounding. Why spend the day outside enjoying the sunshine, drinking beers, and cooking questionable burgers on the BBQ when you could just order takeaway, close the curtains, turn on a desk lamp, and then play some sweet games?

Sony seems to think we’ve all had our yearly dose of vitamin D and that we need to spend some time indoors. To help keep us away from sunlight, people laughing, and expensive ice creams, Sony is putting on a little sale on the PlayStation stores in the UK and Europe.

There are over 140 discounts across all PlayStation console games, but the kicker here is that PS Plus members will save even more. As noted in the PlayStation Blog, this week’s deals is all about double discounts for PS Plus members. If you have an active membership, you’ll save twice as much money as the regular chumps. Not bad. If you’re not a PS Plus member but you intend to go on a shopping spree, I highly recommend at least getting a one-month subscription, if only to take advantage of the deals.

You can have a peek at the games on offer and their various prices through here.

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