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PSN Deals: Over 200 New Discounts and Offers on UK/EU PlayStation Store

Yesterday was all about the North American PlayStation Store sales, which you can find here, but today we’re looking over the pond to the UK and Europe. Sony has done its weekly PlayStation Store update, bringing with it a whole host of new discounts and offers.

The biggies this week are mainly EA games. We’ve got the likes of Star Wars Battlefront II and its various editions reduced, as well as FIFA, Battlefield, and just about every other franchise published by Electronic Arts. These offers are available across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

Elsewhere we’ve got the likes of Grand Theft Auto V down to £24.99 on PS4. A new lowest ever price, perhaps? It’s actually £5 cheaper on PS4 than it is on PS3 – barmy stuff! There’s also a few PSVR titles that have been reduced, too, so something for everybody. Unless you own all the games in existence, of course. If that’s the case… Dude. Lend us a tenner?

You can find all the deal and offer by clicking through here.

Anything tickle your pickle this week, or are you saving your cash for something special? Spill the beans down in the comments section below.

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