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PSN Deals: 2018 Game Awards Sale (NA)

The PlayStation Store has a little extra sale to sweeten your day and lighten your wallet. The 2018 Game Awards Sale is going on now, and it puts about 81 games a little closer to your financial reach. There are hits like Call of Duty, Destiny 2, Dragon Quest XI, and GTA V, along with smaller games like Dead Cells and Banner Saga 3.

To be honest, the game selection isn’t terrible, but I’ve seen these games for lower. If you are itching to have one, I wouldn’t stand in your way, but, if history is any indication, we should have some end of year madness, price-slashing sale coming if you can hold on for another week or two. Maybe you can try out the games from PS Plus, or work on that backlog that I know you have.

It is just a suggestion, and I can’t say I wasn’t tempted by Dishonored 2 for $13.19. If you want to see if you can resist too, you can check out all the sales here.

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