PSN Deals: Over 250 PS4, PSVR, PS Vita and PS3 Deals on UK/EU PSN

This week’s European PlayStation Store sales are pretty mega to say the least. While us Europeans looked on in envy yesterday as our North American comrades got over 100 PSVR games discounted, as well as numerous EA games in the EA publisher sale, it is now our turn to bask in the glory of sweet, sweet discounts. Too far? Too far.

There are over 250 new discounts and deals over on the UK/EU PlayStation store that sees many top PS4, PSVR, PS Vita, PS3, PS2 Classics, PSP, and PS One Classics get reduced to vary degrees. There are some pretty decent offers, too, and on some recent releases to boot. PS Plus members can save even more on selected games, too, so it may be worth renewing your PS Plus subscription if you’re planning on going on a digital shopping spree.

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The list is far too long for us to replicate, so have a gander at every deal and discount through here.

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