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PSN Deals: 270+ PS4, PSVR, PS3, PS Vita Games Discounted on UK/EU PlayStation Stores in Spring Sale

This week’s European PlayStation Store sales are a real doozy, even more so if you’re a PSVR owner looking to bulk up on some great games at low prices. Our Max Taylor recently came into a decent PSVR bundle, so this one goes out to him. Lighters in the air everybody.

Sony has kicked off its Spring Sale in style this week with over 270 discounts across every PlayStation platform possible. So if you’re still rocking a PS3 or PS Vita, you’ll still find a bargain to play.

The biggest discounts are reserved for PS Plus members who get an extra percentage off the sale price. If you’re not a PS Plus member but are thinking about going on something of a spending spree, it may be worth subscribing for one month to get the extra discounts.

My recommendations this week are leaning towards the PSVR offerings. Firewall Zero Hour is on sale again, and it comes highly recommended from myself and Jeremy who often team up to take on the world online. It’s a bit of a ballache when the servers don’t play nice, but once you’re into the game and have found a decent group to play with, there’s nothing quite like it.

If you’re looking for a decent driving game on PS4, Driveclub is down to £12.99. If you want it, you’d best act fast; the game will be officially delisted from the PlayStation Store next year and all of its online functionality will be taken offline, too.

For more PSVR shooty shooty fun, the original Dick Wilde is an easy suggestion, and in my eyes it’s better than its recently released sequel. For £3.99, you can’t really complain. It’ll get you hot and sweaty, mind you.

And this week’s deal to avoid is… Bravo Team, the tactical first-person shooter for PSVR. It’s crap. Do not be tempted by the massive discount. Just forget it exists and then move over and get Firewall Zero Hour and join us online.

For the full list of discounts and deals, head on through here.

Source: PSPrices

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