PSN Deals: Big Discounts on PS4, PS3, PS Vita Exclusives (UK/EU)

This week’s UK and European PlayStation Store discounts are slowly going live over on the PlayStation Store where some top draw games are getting some decent discounts. The latest round of discounts on the European PSN seems to be all about PlayStation exclusives, as well as a few other random bits and bobs.

There’s everything from Bloodborne to Gran Turismo to Uncharted on offer, and there’s a fair bit of DLC getting a price-cut, too. So if you’ve already finished Aloy’s adventure in Horizon Zero Dawn, maybe now is the time to jump into The Frozen Wilds DLC.

What’s also worth mentioning is that some PSOne-era games have also been discounted. Pretty useless unless you own a PS Vita or a PSTV, but the Crash Bandicoot trilogy can be had for less than the price of a Maccy D’s.

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The store’s discounts are still in the process of going live, but you can check here for all the latest discounts and offers.

Will you be flashing the cash on PSN this week, or are you saving your pennies for God of War and Spider-Man? Leave a cheap comment down below.

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