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PSN Deals: Celebrate PSVR’s Birthday and Exclusive Games (NA)

With the PSVR’s second birthday coming October 13th, there is a sale to celebrate some of the games that have made it a success. The sale includes everything from Surgeon Simulator to Superhot and adds Jeremy‘s current multiplayer darling, Firewall Zero Hour (review).

The second sale is to make you warm and fuzzy about your PlayStation. The Only on PlayStation Sale brings titles such as Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Nioh, and Journey to you for less. Since I am posting this a little earlier than normal, let’s hope the store is still being updated to give us just a little more variety.

You can check out all the deals here. Be sure to drop a comment with your recommended PSVR game for beginners and people who are still adjusting to motion sickness. They (or I) need your expertise.

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