PSN Deals: Cyber Monday PS4 Deals and Discounts Galore on UK/EU PlayStation Stores

PSN Deals: Cyber Monday PS4 Deals and Discounts Galore on UK/EU PlayStation Stores

The madness of Black Friday (which is now a week-long event in some places…) may have subsided but the deals haven’t. Instead of going to the stores to cause mayhem and mess, the deals are moving online. Hence, Cyber Monday. It’s ridiculous consumerism… But I bloody love it! It means discounts on great games, some of which are quite recent releases, too.

The UK and European PlayStation Stores have gone live with their Cyber Monday deals, and there are some crackers to be had. There are just over 450 discounts and deals, so there’s bound to be something for every kind of gamer. If you’re looking for big-budget blockbusters then you’ve got your Black Ops 4, The Crew 2, Soul Caliber VI, God of War, and more.

If you’re hankering for some really cheap indie games to pass the time, this is where the Cyber Monday deals really get good. Most of the offers are middle of the road kind of games. Not bad games, but ones that perhaps didn’t get the coverage and big-budget advertising to make them stand out.

The recently released PS4 exclusive Concrete Genie is a prime example of the above, and it’s reduced already. It’s a great game and it got a very positive review from us. Likewise, PixelJunk Monsters 2 is going for just pennies, and again it’s another cracking game that didn’t get the recognition nor the column inches on release. A shame, but it’s to your benefit in the end, as you can get it for just a couple of quid. Crazy pricing indeed, and there are plenty more pocket money friendly prices to be had.

If you picked up a PSVR headset during the sales, you’re going to want some games, right? You’ve probably already got a couple, thanks to the great bundles that were being pushed out the doors last week, but a few more games can’t hurt.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot is a bargain at £6.49, down from £14.99. Likewise, the fantastic Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is down to £6.49, too. I highly recommend the game, but only if you like horror and jump scares. It’s a short game that’ll take you just a couple of hours to finish, but it took me almost a year because I couldn’t stand to face the horrors.

That’s just a taste of what’s available, along with a few of my recommendations. To see the full list of discounts (which may even get larger as the day goes on) check out our friends at PS Prices.


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