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PSN Deals: DayZ is Your PS4 Deal of the Week

Normally I’m always quite excited to be writing these articles, even when there are only a few offers to shout about, or, as is the case today, just one. But not today. Today is not a good PSN Deals article. Not at all.

Bear in mind that last week we got over 400 discounts and deals thrown our way, with the majority of them still being active as of the time of writing.

This week’s offerings consists of just a couple of deals, and one of them is an absolute stinker. The PS4 Deal of the Week is Bohemia Interactive’s post-apocalyptic survival sim, DayZ. It has seen a price cut by 25%, bringing the game’s price down to £29.99. Unfortunately, it’s not worth it. I recently reviewed the game and awarded it the lowest possible score of 1/10 – Offensively Crap. Why? Because it’s awful on every level. It’s marred by technical issues, server problems, a disastrous user interface and terribly outdated graphics. If you’re looking for a recent zombie game that doesn’t suck total balls, World War Z is an alright bet. It’s not a great game, mind you, but it’s a damn sight better than DayZ.

The other deals this week include Omen of Sorrow, which is down to £15.99, and the various pre-orders for Black Desert, though the pre-order discounts are only available for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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