PSN Deals: Deal of the Week and Far Cry 5 Pre-Order Discount (UK/EU)

There’s not much going on in the UK this week in terms of game deals, though we can’t really complain; we’re still sitting on all those discounts that Sony pushed through over the last few weeks.

This week is a little more gentle on the coin purse with a new Deal of the Week. What is the deal? Bethesda’s Prey. Yeah, it’s already discounted. Maybe they should have sent out review copies sooner… So instead of £49.99 being the asking price, you can get in on the sci-fi adventure for £34.99. Not a terrible price, then.

Elsewhere there’s Watch Dogs 2: No Compromise pack for £5.59, as opposed to the regular £7.99. If you’re looking for a reason to keep hacking away in Watch Dogs 2, this expansion comes with the Pure PlayStation seal of approval.

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Finally, it’s Far Cry 5. The game is still some 7-8 months away from release, but the Gold Edition of the game has been discounted for PlayStation Plus members. If you pre-order Far Cry 5: Deluxe Edition, you’ll pay £56.69 instead of the standard price of £62.99.

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