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PSN Deals: Double Discounts Sale Keeps On Rolling (NA)

Some of you may have missed the sale last week, but you are in luck. The Double Discounts Sale is going strong for the next week, and there are almost 300 games allowing you to double your discount pleasure. Only about 140 of those are PS4 games, but there are indies and AAA thrown into the mix. You never know what you might find. You can sort through all of them here.

The general sale adds more games and the usual selection of themes and avatars to customize and personalize. If you have the time, you can start with all the listings here, and just sort through until you find a gem or realize the last twenty minutes were wasted. It’s a treasure hunt that only the strong can survive.

If nothing strikes you or you are in between paydays, you can download November’s PS Plus games. The main titles on the PS4 are Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Either could pull you through until next week’s sale.

If you have tightened your wallet until Black Friday, stay committed. We are not far from that holiday for game discounts.

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