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PSN Deals: EA Publisher Sale (NA)

The sale this week is from EA – everyone’s favorite publisher. Wait? Where are you going? Put aside those angsty feelings for a second, and realize that EA publishes a lot of games. So. Many. Games. You like games. Those same games are discounted this week. Unless you are as wealthy as Martha Stewart, you need to and like saving money on games. Even ol’ Martha would agree that “it’s a good thing”.

If I’ve convinced you or if you are already knee-deep in listings, here’s what you can save on this week. First, we have plenty of sports from FIFA to NHL to racing to UFC. We also have bullets flying in Battlefield games. Dragon Age and Mass Effect cover your RPGs, and you could let The Sims take over your life as you take over theirs.

The general sale is a little smaller, but the EA publisher sale has you covered for just about any genre. You can view all of this week’s games here.


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