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PSN Deals: FIFA 19 is Your Weekend Offer on PS4 (UK/EU)

Footy season may be over for the men, but the ladies are still kicking the old pigskin about at this year’s Women’s World Cup. Have you been watching? Did you watch England crash out of yet another semi-final? Did you watch Phil Neville ‘erm’ his way through the numerous press conferences? Did it inspire you to do better? That’s what EA is banking on with this week’s weekend offer.

From today until July 7th you can pick up FIFA 19 and it’s FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition for bargain prices on the UK and European PlayStation Stores. The regular edition will set you back just £15.99, while the FUT edition will cost £24.99. Not terribly bad prices, though bear in mind that FIFA 20 will be releasing later this year so its value may yet plummet. Hold off a little longer and you might be able to find the physical edition resting in the bargain bin of your local Tesco.

For those looking to kick a different kind of digital ball, EA has also thrown EA Sports UFC 3 into the weekend ring, discounting the game down to just £12.99.

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