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PSN Deals: Focus Home Interactive Sale (NA)

Publisher Focus Home Interactive headlines the sales this week with discounts of up to 80%. They have a deeper catalog than you might think. Besides being the publisher of the newly available Vampyr (review), its games fill almost all categories from simulations to action games.

Several of the Farm Simulator games are on sale, and they are popular with some of the writers here. If you want to see the countryside without tilling it, Tour de France 2015 may be a winner for you. Both of the Styx games sneak into the sale, and Divinity: Original Sin and Mordheim: City of the Damned give you an RPG fix. This is also the first time the narrative game, The Council (episode 1 review and episode 2 review), has seen a discount, so I may be fighting that temptation this week.

The rest of the sale has a few games, including the popular FIFA 18. The definition of football goes back and forth here, but we never disagree on a discount.

Check out the full list of deals here, and let us know in the comments what you will be buying this week.

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