PSN Deals: Free Red Dead Redemption Content, Cheap Need for Speed, and More

PSN Deals: Free Red Dead Redemption Content, Cheap Need for Speed, and More

There’s a few new deals on the PlayStation Network that we reckon are worth noting. It’s not a massive sale, so don’t get too excited but there’s a few little things that may be of interest to some.

For UK and European PS4 players there’s only one deal: J-Stars Victory VS+ Digital Edition which has been reduced to £24.99, down from £44.99. Not too shabby, but it’s all we’ve got for today.

The North American side of the PlayStation Store looks a little better though, what with Ghost Games’ latest Need for Speed being dropped down to just under $30, not to mention the free Red Dead Redemption DLC packs, too. We should probably note that the Red Dead Redemption freebies are borderline useless unless you’ve got a group of mates to play online with; Rockstar has long abandoned Red Dead Redemption’s online community and it’s now being run to the ground by filthy little hacking brats, so the only way to enjoy it without having your time wasted is to play with friends that you know aren’t going to spoil the fun.

There’s a small list down below, though we expect to be posting a new article within the next 24 hours as the store updates around this time each week.

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% Off Game and Platform Now/Was PS Plus Price
−40% LOOT™ Strategy-Packed Bundle $14.99    $9.99
PS4™ $24.99
−33% Need for Speed™ Deluxe Edition $29.99    $29.99
Deluxe Edition $44.99
−25% Need for Speed™ $29.99    $29.99
PS4™ $39.99
−100% Red Dead Redemption Legends and Killers Pack Free    Free
PS3™ $9.99
−100% Red Dead Redemption Liars and Cheats Pack Free    Free
PS3™ $9.99
−50% Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair $23.99    $19.99
PS4™ $39.99
−42% Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space $6.95    $6.95
PS4™ $11.99

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