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PSN Deals: Golden Week 2 and May the 4th Sales (NA)

Hang on to your wallets! There are more than two sales this week. First, we have a continuation of the Golden Week sales, so pick up your favorite Japanese games. There are RPGs, Final Fantasy, and plenty of anime-inspired games. There are also games that are lesser known and have interesting stories or mechanics like the Atelier or Danganronpa series.

The second big sale is for May the 4th. This is a holiday that celebrates all things Star Wars, so you won’t need to use the force to get some bargains. For those of you with families (or just kids at heart), this is a great time to grab the Lego games for cheap. There are a few classic titles, but the Zen Pinball tables have also been reduced.

There are a few other deals, and the Totally Digital sale is still going. It lets you pre-order some games digitally for a discount.

You can check out all the deals here, and be sure to add this month’s PS Plus games to your cart.

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