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PSN Deals: Hidden Gems Sale Live (NA)

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that’s true for game sales too. The Hidden Gems Sale on the PlayStation Store digs deeply into its wares and found some games you might be more willing to try – at a discount, of course. Some of them are not exactly hidden either. Concrete Genie and Overcooked both have their fans, and there are a few others that seem to be thrown into the mix.

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Most of the games are smaller and generally less known. If you are into indie games, this is a feast with games like Shovel Knight and Trine 3, but there are many, many more artsy and narrative games. There are a few games from Japan as well, so it’s hard to quantify a specific category. You’ll just have to jump into it and search for yourself.

Isn’t that part of the fun, though?

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