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PSN Deals: Holiday Sale (NA)

Did you miss something this year? The PSN Holiday Sale is ready with discounts up to 70% to keep you gaming for less. There are over 1,200 games included in the sale so far. You can get lost (or get some sleep) while scrolling from page to page to page. This brings up the problem of Sony’s less than helpful sorting for the sale which somehow doesn’t seem to apply the same filtering system as the regular weekly sale.

It’s still worth it if you want a specific game, but I would recommend you just search for a certain title first to see if it is already there. That will save you a lot of time before you go spelunking for bargains. Those bargains include plenty of Senran Kagura content and MGS V DLC for those who are interested.

Smaller and much older games are the norm, and many AAA titles from the year are missing from the sale. That’s not necessarily a negative. There may be more games added each week, or it could be everything. My guess is more is on the way, since it says week 1 in the banner. Check back next Tuesday, and I’ll let you know.

You can see all the current deals here.

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