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PSN Deals: Killzone, UFC 2, Uncharted, Bloodborne, and More Discounted on UK/EU PSN

It’s that time of the week again. Sony has updated the PlayStation Store with some new deals, including a new Deal of the Week. Oh, actually, the Deal of the Week is actually not new at all – we’ve had EA Sports UFC 2 as a deal before, back in May of this year, in fact. Better than nothing, we suppose…

Still, if grown men fighting isn’t your thing, then perhaps some of the other deals will tickle your fancy.

Killzone Shadowfall Intercept Online Co-Op Mode (Standalone) – Was £15.99, Now £7.99 (PS Plus Price: £6.39)

Asemblance – Was £13.99, Now £7.99

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Was £34.99, Now £24.99

Bloodborne – Was £34.99, Now £29.99

Overwatch: Origins Edition – Was £54.99, Now £39.99

Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders – Was £24.99, Now £15.99

Until Dawn – Was £49.99, Now £29.99

Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition – Was £49.99, Now £39.99

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – Was £49.99, Now £29.99

And that’s your lot. There are some decent deals in there for those who are late to the party, so go ahead and tell us what you’ll be buying down in the comments section below.

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