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PSN Deals: Kingdom Hearts III Spotlight Sale and Past Deals Continue (NA)

This week’s deals are a little strange. The PlayStation Store has been updated to show a spotlight deal on Kingdom Hearts III. You can save 25% on the regular edition or the All-In-One Package. The package contains KH3 and the HD versions of the previous games. If you are looking for truth in advertising, it is literally all the Kingdom Hearts games in one package for $74.99. It may be the only way to actually understand the story. (If you are looking for the only Kingdom Hearts III review I wanted to read, check out Kyle’s review. You can read his criticisms of the game’s story here.)

The Great Indoors Sale and EA Publisher sale continue this week. If you haven’t looked at either one, you have more time, but I wouldn’t wait too long.

I mentioned at the beginning of the article that I thought this week’s deals are strange. The games are fine, and the deals are good. The strange part is the link for Save or Deals is missing from the PlayStation Store when viewed on a computer. You can still see Deals when you access the store from a PS4.

Longer sales appear to be a new trend, and the store has obviously been updated for today. I don’t expect any other changes. It’s not bad, but it does appear to be different. It could be tied to other changes PlayStation is making, but we’ll only know for sure when they tell us something. Until then, it could be just a trick to get us to check the store more often than Tuesday for new sales. The joke’s on you Sony. I already do.

You can check out all the deals for this week (and the previous week) here.

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