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PSN Deals: Last Week of the Holiday Sale for North America

This is the last week of the Holiday Sale on PSN, and there are some excellent deals with savings up to 85% for the PlayStation Plus subscribers. Starting with the AAA releases this year, we liked Watchdogs 2, and you can buy the Deluxe Edition for only $38.49.  Both of  EA’s big titles are on sale as well. The sacrificial lamb, Titanfall 2, is $29.99, and the very well-reviewed Battlefield 1 is $40.19. Basically, here are three games that are on everyone’s game of the year lists.

Next, we have a sale on everything from the The Witcher 3.  The Complete Edition is only $24.99, and it comes with all the DLC. If you have not played this game, this is a phenomenal deal stuffed with enough glorious RPG content to keep you gaming for a long time. The main game and DLC are also discounted separately. Our own PlayStation savant, Kyle Durant, even named the Blood and Wine expansion, “the best video game experience one can play in year 2016“, so you know it is something special.

Some potpourri picks to round out your gaming palate are the hilarious Tales from the Borderlands series for $4.49, the excellent updated shooter Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and The New Order for $9.99 each, and The Talos Principle for $7.49 for those of you who like to task your brain.

We have enjoyed the Holiday Sale and will be sad to see it go. Check out the entire list of games for sale here, and let us know what you will be picking up in this final week.



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