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PSN Deals: LEGO Games Reduced in New UK/Europe PlayStation Store Sales, NBA 2K19 is Deal of the Week

This week’s PlayStation Store sales in the UK and Europe is all about LEGO, though there’s also the Deal of the Week if you’re not too hot on Traveller’s Tales’ brick-filled adventure games.

Just about every LEGO game available on the PS4 has been reduced this week, and there’s more to be saved if you’re a PlayStation Plus member. Yep, a whopping 5% extra can be saved if you’re a PS Plus subscriber. Hey, it’s better than nothing, and to get the LEGO Harry Potter Collection for less than £15 is nothing to complain about. It’s a decent game and this is a shameless plug to get you to read my review for the remastered collection. Did it work?

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If you’re not into LEGO Harry Potter or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, maybe this week’s Deal of the Week will be more in your favour. This week’s bargain comes in the form of 2K’s NBA 2K19 and the special 20th anniversary edition. Just a heads up for those who are unaware: NBA 2K19 is stuffed full of microtransactions and they’re heavily encouraged, otherwise you face a long, long grind. Fair warning.

The full list of prices and discounts can be found down below:

Discount Name Price Price PS+
−59% Lego Harry Potter Collection £15.99     £14.24
PS4 £34.99
−55% Lego Marvel Super Heroes Deluxe Bundle £34.99     £31.49
PS4 £69.99
−50% Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition £29.99     £27.24
PS4 £54.99
−52% Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 £24.99     £22.59
PS4 £47.99
−52% Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game £24.99     £22.59
PS4 £47.99
−52% Lego The Incredibles £24.99     £22.59
PS4 £47.99
−59% The Lego Movie Videogame £15.99     £14.24
PS4 £34.99
−51% Lego Marvel’s Avengers £15.99     £14.49
PS4 £29.99
−51% Lego Jurassic World £15.99     £14.49
PS4 £29.99
−67% Lego Marvel Super Heroes £12.99     £11.24
PS4 £34.99
−67% Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition £19.99     £17.34
PS4 £52.99
−71% Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens £15.99     £13.59
PS4 £47.99
−45% Lego Dc Super—Villains £29.99     £27.49
PS4 £49.99
−46% Lego Dc Super—Villains Deluxe Edition £34.99     £31.99
PS4 £59.99
−50% Lego Movies Game Bundle £29.99     £27.24
PS4 £54.99
−52% NBA 2K19 20Th Anniversary Edition £39.99
PS4 £84.99
−54% NBA 2K19 £24.99
PS4 £54.99
−50% Lego Marvel Super Heroes Bundle £29.99     £27.24
PS4 £54.99
−53% Lego Worlds £12.99     £11.74
PS4 £24.99
−67% Lego Marvel’s Avengers Deluxe Edition £19.99     £17.34
PS4 £52.99
−25% Xing: The Land Beyond £15.99     £11.99
PS4 £15.99
−15% Hyper Jam £12.99     £11.04
PS4 £12.99
−71% Lego City Undercover £15.99     £13.59
PS4 £47.99

Source: PS Prices

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