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PSN Deals: Metro Exodus is Your PS4 Deal of The Week

You’ve not doubt at this point already splurged on a few games during Sony’s PlayStation Days of Play event, but what’s one more, right? This week’s PSN Deals article isn’t a list of hundreds of games, but instead it’s just one game. But it’s a good one and at a decent price and, if it’s not for you, there’s no chance of spending extra money.

The PS4 Deal of the Week this time around is Metro Exodus, which only release back in February. Here we are four months later and it’s down to half-price. That’s right, you can get the Gold Edition for £37.49 (was £74.99), and the regular edition for just £27.49 (was £54.99.) Either way, you’re getting bang up deal, though you’ll have to be quick as the promotional price is only until June 27th, 2019.

Our Max Taylor reviewed Metro Exodus on PS4 Pro earlier this year and while he found it to have its fair share of problems, he also found it to be worthy of a 7.9/10 – Very Good rating. Basically, if you liked the other Metro games, you’ll be spending your money will on Metro Exodus this week.

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