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PSN Deals: Mid-Year Sale Brings a Truckload of Deals (NA)

Hello, friends. Do you have a surplus of money and a deficit of games? Welcome to the Mid-Year Sale on PSN. With over 600 games receiving a discount on the PS4 alone, this is an awesome time for you to unburden your wallet and max out the space on your hard drive with new games.

With savings of up to 60%, you can grab everything from Hatsune Miku games to Far Cry 5 for less. About the only thing not on sale this week is GTA V, but it is still at the normal PSN sale price of $29.99. Fun fact: it is actually cheaper to buy it on the PS4 than the PS3.

The “normal” sale is disappointing, but that doesn’t matter with this many deals being offered. The Mid-Year Sale will last for two weeks, so plan accordingly. We don’t know if more games will be added next week. However, if you see something you want for the right price, you shouldn’t delay. That’s a little bargain hunter wisdom for you.

You can find all the deals here, and be sure to let everyone know if you found an incredible deal that we should grab this week.

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