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PSN Deals: New North American Sale is Live With Over 500 New Deals

Listen up, North Americans, there’s a new sale on the PlayStation Store and it is your duty to spend as much money as you can. Who cares if you don’t actually want DriveClub VR. Maybe you don’t even have a PSVR headset. Who cares. Just buy the game anyway, then you’ve got the perfect excuse to buy a PSVR.

OK, enough of us trying to make you poor. But there is a massive sale going down on the North American PlayStation Store. There’s over 500 new discounts and deals to get stuck into across just about every PlayStation console that can play games digitally.

There’s everything from mega blockbusters like GTA V, Mass Effect, and Ghost Recon, but there’s also a fine selection of smaller games at budget-friendly prices. Journey is a steal, and if you’ve got Bloodborne but haven’t played the expansion yet, you can pick up the DLC pack for $5.99. Bargain price if you ask us.

While there are some great discounts for everybody, PS Plus members can save more. If you’re planning on going bankrupt, it may be worth subbing to PS Plus to get the most out of it.

Anything catch your eye in the new sales? Will you be faking your death to avoid the rent? Comments section is down below.

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