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PSN Deals: North American Flash Sale Arrives Early, Big Discounts on Big Games

There’s a new Flash Sale going on over on the North American PlayStation Store. It’s coming at an unusual time, too, but we won’t complain. Why would we? We’ll take discounts any day of the week and any time of the month. We’re not fussy and we doubt you are either.

This particular Flash Sale is actually pretty good, providing you don’t own all of the games already. There’s some top-tier titles being discounted, such as Hidden Agenda, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and even some racing action with Project Cars: Complete Edition.

It’s not just the PS4 crowd being catered to in this Flash Sale. There’s plenty of games to go around all PlayStation consoles. On PS3 there’s some classics to be had for bargain-bin prices, as well as a few Vita releases. You can browse the entire Flash Sale through here on the PlayStation Store, or head over to your console’s PSN store and have a gander there.

Anything tickle your pickle? Seen any bargains that’ll float your boat? Do you have any groan-worth rhymes? Flash your cash down in the comments section below.

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