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PSN Deals: Over 100 New Discounts and Deals on UK/EU PlayStation Store

Mid-week discounts are back in force this week with Sony throwing another 130 or so new deals and discounts up across the UK and European PlayStation Stores. Haven’t we had enough deals yet? All the deals this summer have pretty much made me broke.

There’s a mixed bunch this week with big AAA games getting discounted on PS4, as well as some top PSVR games like Megaton Rainfall and DriveClub VR getting their prices halved. In fact, there’s a ton of PSVR games being discounted this week, so if you’re a new PSVR owner looking to build a library of fantastic games, this is your week! There’s also the usual round of indie games for PS4 and PS Vita, so you’ll be hard pressed to not find anything new to play. Is it a coincidence these awesome sales have come on the pay day week? Damn you, Sony, damn you.

You can browse the full list of deals and discounts through here. Some games even have extra markdowns if you’re a PS Plus member, so it might be worth upping your sub if you’re going to go on a spending spree.



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