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PSN Deals: Over 200 New Deals and Discounts on European PlayStation Stores

The Christmas sales have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few bargains to be had this week on the European PlayStation Stores.

This week’s discounts have kicked off just in time for the weekend with over 200 new deals and discounts across PS4, PSVR, PS3, and PS Vita games. There’s also a healthy smattering of PS One Classics and PSP titles to get stuck into if you’re in the mood for some older gems.

Some of the highlights this week include Dead Rising 4: Franks Big Package, which is now down to £14.99, previously £44.99. Pixel Ripped: 1989 is a PSVR bargain at £11.99, previously £19.99. You can even save a bit more as a PS Plus member and get it for £9.99.

Personally, if I had to recommend just two games, I’d say go for N.E.R.O – Nothing Ever Remains Obscure, which is down to £2.49, previously £15.99. Why? Go and read my review and find out why. That’s why. And for my second recommendation I turn to Titanfall 2 Standard Edition. It’s one of the finest first-person shooter campaigns of this console generation, it looks and runs amazingly well on PS4 and PS4 Pro, and it’s only £4.99. That is an absolute steal. So there you have it. Two great games for less than a tenner.

To see all the new discounts and deals, I suggest you either head over to PS Prices and have a good look there. It’s much clearer than the PlayStation Store website and it gives you a nice overview without being a pain in the arse.

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