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PSN Deals: Over 700 Discounts on UK/European PlayStation Store

It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store update and boy, this week is a big one. If you’re a North American looking for deals, we’d like to direct you to your weekly deals through here. 

Over on the UK and various European PlayStation Stores there are many new discounts and deals. 700 in fact. More than any one person could possibly need, but we guess more is always better.

There’s a fair amount of choice on offer, too, with PS4, PSVR, PS3, PS Vita, PS2 Classics, and PS One games being cut down in price. There’s far too much for us to be listing them all here, so we advise going over to PS Prices and checking out the deals through there. It’s actually quite a handy little site for comparing price history and what not.

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