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PSN Deals: Over 900 PS5, PS4, PSVR, and PS Vita Games Discounted in New Mega Sale (EU/UK)

925 new deals? Wowza!

Get your digital wallets ready for a hammering because Sony is hosting another massive sale on the UK/EU PlayStation Stores this week.

This week’s PSN sale is massive, and perhaps the biggest ever. Literally. There are over 900 new discounts across PS5, PS4, PSVR, PS Vita, and even PS3 games on the UK/EU PlayStation Stores this week. There are, for the first time ever, just too many games to list. It would take far too long to make a nice fancy table with all of the discounted games and their new prices, so we’re not doing that this week. More specifically, I’m not doing that this week. I’ve got things to do. Man about town, me.

Instead, we’ll put a little focus on the PS5 games, and unfortunately, there aren’t that many this week. To be fair, though, there aren’t that many honest-to-goodness PS5 games at all just yet, so it’s understandable. But here are the PS5 games on offer this week:

PS5, PS4
−40%Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead — PS4 And PS5
PS5, PS4
−70%Sparkle Unleashed PS4 And PS5
PS5, PS4
−70%Undead Horde PS4 And PS5
PS5, PS4
−30%Planet Coaster: Console Edition PS4 And PS5
PS5, PS4
−30%Planet Coaster: Deluxe Edition PS4 And PS5
PS5, PS4
−40%Maneater PS4 And PS5
PS5, PS4
−30%Tesla Force PS4 And PS5
PS5, PS4

That’s the small selection of PS5 games on offer this week, but there are some decent game there.

DIRT 5 is always going to get my recommendation as one of the best racers available, at least for the moment. Planet Coaster is a safe bet for sim/management games fans. If you are, you should check out this list of such games.

Maneater was a PS5 freebie not so long ago on PS Plus, so if you missed out because you’re not a PS Plus subscriber, you could do worse than its current sale price.

This week’s sale is obviously pusing the indie games into the spotlight, but there are some big-name releases among the pile, too. You just have to look for them…

The full list of discounts and deals can be found here, and there’s a lot to trawl through, so make sure you use the search function to really hone in on what you’re looking for.

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