PSN Deals: Planet Coaster: Console Edition is 25% Off on PS5, PS4 This Week (UK/EU)

Decent theme park simulators are few and far between on consoles, but the best by far is Planet Coaster: Console Edition, and for the next nine days you can get Frontier Developments’ excellent theme park management game for 25% less than usual on the UK PlayStation Store.

Rather than paying the fair price of £39.99 for a ticket to enter, Planet Coaster: Console edition for PS5 and PS4 is now £29.99, which is a bargain considering how many hours one could potentially pour into the game. I’ve already put more than my fair share into building up a theme park and then going bankrupt, and now you can too.

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Planet Coaster: Console Edition is on sale until January 20th, 2021, and at the time of writing, the deal is only available in the UK and Europe, not North America, though that could change as the store updates throughout the week.

If you missed our review of Planet Coaster: Console Edition for PS5, you can catch it here, or you can watch the video up above. Either way, don’t let this deal pass you by; it really is an amazing little game that I just will not stop clapping for. Even if I’m not very good at it…


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