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PSN Deals: PS Plus Specials and Rockstar Sale (NA)

With two sales running concurrently (on top of whatever Sony decides to add into the mix), you can pick up some great titles. First up, we have the Rockstar Sale. If you remove the 4,002 versions of GTA V, you have far fewer games actually on sale. However, GTA V is on sale for less than $20. You can also grab some Max Payne, Bully, or L.A. Noire for less.

The PS Plus Specials’ sale will give you up to 50% off some new and older games. Conan Exiles and Unravel Two are some of the newer titles. If Cities: Skylines or Black Ops III DLC is on your list of things to buy, this is a great sale. You can also grab Mega Man 1-10 for $14.99 in the legacy collection.

Check out all the deals here, and we will hope for a flash sale this weekend if nothing made you open your wallet. Then again, you might want to hold off buying anything until tomorrow’s PS Plus games announcement.

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