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PSN Deals: PS4, PSVR, PS3, PS Vita, and PS One Classics Reduced (UK/EU)

What better way to spend the glorious summer days than to sit huddled in your man (or lady) caves with the curtains drawn and a bunch of new games to play? The sun is over-rated.

To help the shut-ins stay an unhealthy shade of white this week, Sony has let loose a new batch of discounts over on the UK and European PlayStation Stores. There aren’t hundreds of discounts, unfortunately, but what is discounted is pretty darn good – though I say that as a massive Spyro fan.

There’s a few PS4 games reduced, including new releases such as Shape of the World and Aragami: Shadow Edition. But the best discounts are happening on… PS Vita? There’s the criminally under-rated Gravity Rush for just over three quid, as well as some classic PS One games for pennies. Seriously, don’t sit on the original Spyro trilogy – they’re still worth playing today, and they’ll serve as a nice appetizer before Spyro’s big comeback in the Spyro Remastered trilogy which is releasing later this year. 

You can find the full list of 60ish discounts through here. 

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