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PSN Deals: Red Dead Redemption 2 is Your PS4 Deal of the Week (UK/EU)

This week’s deals aren’t great in quantity this week but they more than make up for it with quality. Bear in mind that last week we saw over 500 games go on sale, so I think we can give Sony a bit of slack for not having another 500 games get discounts this week; last week’s deals are live until March 20th.

This week’s big game being discounted as the Deal of the Week is Rockstar’s seminal Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4. You can pick up the standard edition for £39.99, down from £59.99. You can also get the special and ultimate editions at a discounted rate, too. The special edition will now run you £49.99 while the ultimate edition will cost £59.99.

Rockstar release Red Dead Redemption 2 late last year to critical acclaim. I was harsh but fair in my Red Dead Redemption 2 review and, despite its shortcomings, I still recommend it to anybody wanting to live out their cowboy fantasies without ruining a single nail.

If Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t your cup of tea, Fallout 76 is also on offer. But who cares about that, right?

For our North American readers wondering where their offers are, you can find out all about the latest round of sales that went live yesterday through here.

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