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PSN Deals: Rockstar Sale (NA)

This week’s deals are almost entirely from Rockstar Games. A large portion of those deals are almost entirely Grand Theft Auto V or bundles of the game. Our failing grade in Intro to Logic would lead us to conclude that Grand Theft Auto V is really the only game on sale this week (at the same $29.99 price point as past sales). It’s mostly, but not entirely true, and you can see how we earned that grade.

There are some other Rockstar titles, including the once ultra-violent Manhunt, the traditional western, Red Dead Redemption for the PS3, and school time trouble in Bully. The revamped L.A. Noire is cheap-ified, but it is still $29.99.

Outside the Rockstar sale, there are only a handful of titles, including Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – Royal Edition. Check out Jeremy’s review to see if you need this RPG in your life.

You can check out all the discounted games here, as we hold out hope for a Flash Sale this weekend.

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