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PSN Deals: Sale of the Dead Slashes Horror Game Prices and More (North America)

North American PlayStation players can grab some top horror titles in the new Sale of the Dead event that Sony is running on the North American PlayStation Stores.

We’ve already got our Halloween sale in full swing here in the UK and Europe, but now it’s North America’s turn to spend some cash on scary games. The usual suspects are all in tow in the Sale of the Dead, including Until Dawn, Until Dawn Rush of Blood, as well as the Dead Rising series. The full list of discounts and deals is available to view through the PlayStation Blog.

It’s not just horror games that are being reduced, so if you’re a little squeamish you’ll want to check out the likes of Hitman, Street Fighter V, SUPERHOT, and many more. And if you’re a PSVR early adopter, you may already have $10 to spend, so check your emails!

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