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PSN Deals: Shadow of War is Your PS4 Deal of the Week (UK/EU)

Every Wednesday I sit down at my computer and prepare to write my weekly PSN Deals article for the UK and Europe. This week is no different, but instead of bringing you news of hundreds of discounts and deals, I’ve only got one bargain for you. Quality over quantity is this week’s order, then.

The PS4 Deal of the Week is Middle-earth: Shadow of War and its pumped up Definitive Edition. The standard edition is down to £15.99 while the Definitive Edition is £19.99. Not a bad deal, but it’s possible to find the game cheaper elsewhere, but it’s not terrible if you’re invested in going digital with your PS4 library.

Shadow of War was derided on its release – and rightly so – for its use of lootboxes. Shadow of War isn’t a multiplayer game and these lootboxes were in the single-player game. It basically ruined the last act of the game. The game has since been updated to fix the horrendous balancing issues caused by the microtransactions, and word around is that it’s actually a decent game these days.

While there’s only one new deal this week, last week brought over 200 goodies and many of those deals are still live today. If you’re in North America, you can find your new deals through here.

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