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PSN Deals: Telltale Sale (NA)

This week’s sale is wall to wall Telltale. This includes all of the hits, as well as some misses. If you just woke up from a coma and bought a PS4, good job. Here is what you should buy. The Walking Dead likely will put or has put most of Telltale employees’ kids through college. It is the series that showed what they could do, and they did it spectacularly.

Next up, we have The Wolf Among Us. This is the favorite of the author of this piece. A crime noir story with fairy tale characters? Yes, please. It’s grittier than Batman and occupies a unique place in the company’s catalog. Season 2 releases this year, so it is a great time to catch up.

If you like things less bloody and more funny, give Tales from the Borderlands a try. Some of us think it is better than The Walking Dead, even though that may be sacrilege to other fans. It is certainly more lighthearted.

Other than all of Telltale’s games, there is really not much else to buy. If you want to save money this week, you could always give April’s PS Plus games a try.

For anyone else, you can find this week’s deals here.

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