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PSN Deals: The Division 2 is the PS4 Deal of the Week, Plus Halloween Sale (UK/EU)

This week’s PlayStation Store sales have started and Sony is celebrating Halloween a little early. No, it does not mean it is OK to get dressed up as a zombie and go knocking on doors to score some sweeties. Not yet. Save that for the big night; else you may find yourself getting slapped.

This week’s sales are plentiful. The big Deal of the Week is Ubisoft’s The Division 2, which is now down to £19.99 for the standard edition. That’s… actually really good. The Division 2 isn’t even a year-old yet, and it’s already at 33% of its original price. Sometimes it does pay to not play with the crowd!

The big Halloween Sale sees almost 200 games discounted on PS4, and as expected, they’re all somehow loosely connected to Halloween’s spooky theme. There’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and its Zombie edition. You can also pick up Vampyr which has more than 50% discount. World War Z is down to £15.99 – not a bad choice for those wanting to play a Left 4 Dead-style zombie game with mates. Just stay away from DayZ. It’s terrible and the true horror there is how it released in such a state.

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