PSN Deals: The Division 2 is the PS4 Deal of the Week, Plus Halloween Sale (UK/EU)

This week’s PlayStation Store sales have started and Sony is celebrating Halloween a little early. No, it does not mean it is OK to get dressed up as a zombie and go knocking on doors to score some sweeties. Not yet. Save that for the big night; else you may find yourself getting slapped.

This week’s sales are plentiful. The big Deal of the Week is Ubisoft’s The Division 2, which is now down to £19.99 for the standard edition. That’s… actually really good. The Division 2 isn’t even a year-old yet, and it’s already at 33% of its original price. Sometimes it does pay to not play with the crowd!

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The big Halloween Sale sees almost 200 games discounted on PS4, and as expected, they’re all somehow loosely connected to Halloween’s spooky theme. There’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and its Zombie edition. You can also pick up Vampyr which has more than 50% discount. World War Z is down to £15.99 – not a bad choice for those wanting to play a Left 4 Dead-style zombie game with mates. Just stay away from DayZ. It’s terrible and the true horror there is how it released in such a state.

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