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PSN Deals: The Great Indoors Sale (NA)

For the next two weeks, you can choose to throw your poor wallet at The Great Indoors Sale. There are over 600 games (including PSVR), bundles, and add-ons included. If you have yet to play Horizon Zero Dawn, the Complete Edition is on sale for $15.99. For that much content, it’s a steal for one of the best PS4 exclusives.

The other games range from AAA to Japanese niche games like Atelier Firis: The Alechemist and the Mysterious Journey for $35.99. Most of the games have been around for a while, but, if you never picked it up for some reason, you can save a bundle, perhaps by buying a literal bundle. Run through the pages of deals and find a new or old favorite for less. Only you can decide the difference between junk and gem or something you already have but forgot you bought.

If you have all the games you want, PS Plus is on sale with a 25% discount. That ends March 26th.

It’s a lot of pages to scroll through, but you have time. The general sale runs until March 29th, and you can see all the games here.

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