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PSN Deals: The Latest North American PSN Flash Sale is… Disappointing

There’s no easy way to put this, so we’re just going to go ahead and lay it out straight: the latest Flash Sale on the North American PSN is massively crap.

Instead of being a true Flash Sale with hundreds of offers that cater to all audiences, the latest “Flash Sale” is just one game: Gearbox’s under-performing multiplayer shooter, Battleborn. The game hasn’t been as well received as publisher 2K had hoped and its doing everything it can to get more sales linked to the game, and that includes a “Flash Sale” that only contains Battleborn.

It’s a sure sign of desperation from 2K; we’ve also seen Battleborn reduced in the UK in recent weeks as well as being relegated to the bargain bin in more than a few retailers. The bottom line is: the game just isn’t selling. Maybe the limited offer of $26.99 will be enough to entice a few new players, though we’re not too sure it’s going to happen.

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