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PSN Deals: Villains Takeover Sale (NA)

The overwhelming financial success of the latest Marvel movie seems to prove people like their heroes. I would argue it’s the villains that do more to shape the heroes, from creation to actions, but it’s a point for another day. I have to spread the good news of a new sale on the PSN.

The Villains Takeover Sale joins the Golden Week Sale for an avalanche of discounts that seems to defy any clear genre. We have multiple LEGO games for cheap, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands to Bioshock, and Far Cry to The Witch and the Hundred Knight 1 and 2. From AAA to indie, there is some good stuff here, whether you have overlooked something from the past or just want to convert your collection to digital.

You can check out all of the games in the Villains Takeover Sale here.


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