PSN Errors Prove Selective But Annoying For Some Players, Sony Is on the Case

It is an issue that’s only affecting a select few gamers. But rather than making them feel special, these PSN errors are proving a bit of a pain. Sony are attempting to find a cause, and a fix for that matter. However, the issues have been ongoing since February 26th and look like they will continue for today, at least.

The PlayStation Network is quite an important feature for most gamers. So, it’s hardly a surprise to hear that an error in accessing it would cause quite the problem. In the last few days, bundled DLC has refused to unlock, in-game leaderboards were struggling to update and some games’ servers were down completely. Worryingly of all, Sony are still looking into the problem – and a fix is yet to be announced.

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Some have suggested it’s an internet-provider issue specifically, as it is neither region exclusive or biased towards some games over others. But then again an intermittent problem will manifest itself in strange ways. So strange that a pattern will almost be indiscernible.

That means we’re pretty much clueless over the cause right now – something that Sony can probably sympathise with. At least, that’s what their vague statement suggests; it reads:

“You might have difficulty launching games, apps or network features. We’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

Like I said, the issue is rather selective. So, if you haven’t yet noticed a problem whilst you’ve been “hard at work” at home, then count yourself lucky. Otherwise, you may be waiting a day or two for Sony to find a fix.

Source: PlayStation

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