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PSN is Having Some Problems Right Now, Please Try Again Later

Update: Phew, looks like it was just a small outage this time; everything seems to be up and running as normal. Now, we’re off to throw some money at the PSN, so excuse us.

Damn. We haven’t written one of these articles in a long, long time but here goes: Sony’s PSN is currently having a bit of a wobble – and by that we mean it has completely shat the bed and just straight up isn’t working.

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We’ve checked the usual places for info: the PSN status page and Down Detector, and both confirm that the PSN and is having some problems at this moment in time. Hopefully it won’t last too long as we were just getting ourselves ready to hit the PlayStation Store hard with our wallets. What, you didn’t know the Black Friday PSN Sale has already started? Shame on you…

Actually, perhaps that’s the cause of the outage. Or maybe it’s Dedsec having a pop at Sony from beyond the world of Watch Dogs 2. All we know is that we can’t get online and it’s making us a little bit annoyed.

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