PSN Name Changes Coming Soon According to Multiple Developers

It’s been a sore point for PlayStation users ever since Sony launched the PlayStation Network all those years ago. Many who signed up for the service 12 years ago may now be regretting their choice of username. Hey, it happens. 12 years ago I was a silly teenager, too, but I at least had the foresight to not have a totally stupid PSN name.

For others, though, it’s not as simple and they may be a little embarrassed about being XoXPussySlayerXoX, but with no way to change it there’s nothing else to do.

That may be about to change in the near future, if a report by Kotaku is to be believed. According to the outlet, multiple developers have confirmed that they’re actively working with the knowledge that PSN name changes will be coming soon. Apparently the site even got a glimpse of an internal Sony document that confirms PSN name changes are coming.

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While it’s still just a rumour at this point, I think we can all assume the feature will be coming in the near future. Maybe it’ll even drop before Christmas, allowing us all to change our names to something a little holier than XxX420-Granny-BangerXxX.

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