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Psst, DriveClub is Still Available on North American PlayStation Store, Nab it While You Can

Sony has screwed the pooch with DriveClub’s delisting from the PlayStation Store. Though, let’s be honest, Sony has screwed the pooch with DriveClub in several different ways over the years, beginning with a botched launch and culminating in the closure of the game’s developer, Evolution.

The latest, and hopefully final, chapter in the DriveClub saga isn’t without complication. Sony had announced some time ago that DriveClub and all of its DLC would be delisted on August 31st, 2019. Fair enough, that gave interested players plenty of time to make their purchase. However, the game then got pulled early from some stores, much to the annoyance of some. Now, the game is still available on the North American PlayStation Store, almost a week after its previously announced death date. What’s going on? It’s poor form and, honestly, DriveClub didn’t deserve to be dealt such a cruel, slow death. Hell, there isn’t even a decent reason for it being delisted at all. How often do first-party exclusives get wiped from existence? Who hurt you, Sony?

If you’re interested in the PS4 exclusive racer, grab it while you can. Who knows, it may be here today and gone tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month… Hey, at least we still have DriveClub VR.

For now…

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