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PSVR Deal: Get a PSVR, Resident Evil 7 and Farpoint and 2 Month Movie Pass for £349

We’re big fans of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset here at Pure PlayStation. When we’re not sat at our desks writing about the futuristic headgear, we’re usually doing somebody’s head in by telling them how great it is.

One of our woes with the PSVR is that not enough of our mates own one so we’re left playing multiplayer games with random weirdos that try to grope our love parts. Hopefully this new deal from UK retailer GAME (yes, that one) will push a few people over the edge and get them involved with the relatively new medium of VR.

GAME is offering a pretty sweet deal for PSVR newbies by bundling the headset with a couple of the system’s biggest games. You’ll get a headset and Capcom’s Resident Evil 7, which is completely playable in VR. You’ll also get a copy of the new first-person shooter, Farpoint as well as a two month pass for Now TV’s movies.

Now, here’s where things get a little murky on the details. The GAME website isn’t totally clear on exactly what you get in your bundle. We can assume that the PSVR will come with the headset and relevant cables (duh) but we’re not sure if it comes with the required camera or any move controllers. We also can’t tell if Farpoint comes with the PSVR’s new Aim controller. The website is a little skittish on the critical info…

We’ve emailed GAME to see if the retailer can clear up the confusion, but even if you don’t get a camera with the bundle, it’s still a pretty good deal; the bundle will set you back £349.99, while the regular PSVR goes for that amount, minus the games.

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