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PSVR Exclusive Shooter Farpoint is Now Available for PSN Pre-Order

The first true first-person shooter to use the new gun peripheral is now available to pre-order on the PlayStation Network. As you’ve probably guessed from the title above, that game is Farpoint, and yes, we’re pumped.

Farpoint is priced at the premium entry point of £49.99, though that’s just for the digital version of the game. You’ll still need to pick up one of the fancy controllers to get the true experience of the game, so you’re looking at around £80 whether you buy digital or from retail. It’s worth bearing in mind that retails will more often than not be bundling the game and the peripheral together in one convenient package.

Pre-order Farpoint and the Aim Controller from

Pre-ordering Farpoint for PS4 will net you an in-game spacesuit to use in online co-op. So… You won’t actually get to see your fancy space duds, but your mates will!

Farpoint is due out on PS4/PSVR this May 17th. We’ll be bringing you our review as soon as we possibly can.

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