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PSVR Exclusive Shooter Farpoint Release Date Updated on PlayStation Store

There’s no official word on a release date for the PSVR exclusive first-person shooter, Farpoint, though we’ve got a pretty good idea as to when it’ll release, thanks to the North American PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation Store has updated the listed released date from 31.12.2017 (an obvious placeholder) to a more specific May 16th, 2017. Of course there is every chance that this is just an error by whoever is in charge of updating store pages, but May 16th isn’t impossible. New games typically release on a Tuesday in North America and Europe (when the PlayStation Store updates) and May 16th just so happens to be a Tuesday.

While there’s no official word just yet, it’s worth noting that an update on the PlayStation Store is a little more reliable than a third-party retailer updating its listing. We imagine that Sony will come out and announce a release date within the next few days.

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