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PSVR FPS Evasion Announced

Evasion is an FPS designed for PSVR with full locomotion. Some of you are throwing your wallets at the screen right now. Who could blame you? I should probably let you know more of what to expect.

Evasion is attempting to give you the intensity and thrill of Doom and Borderlands. (That may be setting the bar a bit high, but who doesn’t hope it makes it?) They want to emulate the speed and large number of enemies to keep you draining clip after sweet clip in the full solo campaign, multiplayer, or survival mode.

They have listened to player feedback. For the “Yeah, I’ve heard this all before” crowd, they are clear that they have tested this game extensively. They are incorporating multiple movement methods in the game, so you can find one that doesn’t make you feel like you woke up on fishing boat after a long night of drinking. They are also incorporating support for the Aim controller.

The game is a class-based, bullet hell-esque shooter. You are one of the elite Vanguard soldiers, and you have to stop an invasion by the Optera. The combat pushes players to be aggressive and will get in your face. There is cover, and you should use it if going home is your priority.

The four classes each have a different way to stomp the Opteran butts. (The article on PlayStation Blog doesn’t actually confirm they have butts. Who knows with aliens? We are assuming you can stomp them if they have them.) The Warden is your choice for high defense and close range combat. The Striker will deliver the damage and has the ability to boost the team’s damage. The Engineer is the middle of the road, but not weak. It has a tether to throw enemies and the ability to charge the team’s weapons. Lastly, the Surgeon can heal, but hasn’t heard of primum non nocere. It does plenty of harm by draining health from enemies.

There is no release date yet, but we may be seeing a lot of announcements with future dates delivered next month.

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